How Dangerous Are EMF Waves?

How Dangerous Are EMF Waves?

September 06, 2017 0 Comments

How Dangerous Are EMF Waves

How many of you remember your parents always telling you not to sit too close to the television? Have you ever thought about the number of hours you spend in front of a computer? Whether we want to or not, we are exposed to electromagnetic radiation every walking, working, sleeping moment of our lives.

Have you ever wondered how the human body reacts to heat? Turns out, that the way we heat our bodies, whether it’s natural heat (hydronic water heating) versus artificial methods (electric blankets) has a surprising number of effects on the human body. Learn more about our temperature control mattress.

Here are five ways radiant heating is better for you than electric heating:

  • Reduces stress.

    EMF waves have been proven to put stress on the body and reduce the immune system’s ability to deal normally with cell growth. Consumer Health ran a study and found that by using what’s called an electromyograph (EKG sensors which can detect EMF radiation). The test put humans in three settings: the wild, a suburban home, and finally an office environment. They found a direct relationship between the level of EMF and the stress levels of all the subjects involved. This could be why many people tend to get more stressed at work! (Read more about the study here.)
  • Keeps children safe from harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF waves) and fire hazards.

    Are electric heated mattress pads bad for your health? Taken from a study done by How Stuff Works, “(w)e know that electric blankets create an EMF that penetrates the human body by six to seven inches" which may cause problems for your immune system.
  • Maintains your biological and hormone processes at a healthy level

    “Low-frequency electric fields influence the human body just as they influence any other material made up of charged particles. If sufficiently large, these currents could cause stimulation of nerves and muscles or affect other biological processes.” (Taken from World Health Organization)
  • Protects you from potential burns.

    Due to the constant flow of EMFs through electric blankets, if ever damaged, electric blankets can easily overheat and potentially burn its victims. There have been multiple cases in the past where children have been seriously hurt due to electrical blankets malfunctioning in the middle of the night.
  • Helps guard you against disease.

    Electromagnetic fields may sound like a fancy term to scare people, but they are VERY real. Body Ecology ran a study and found that “electromagnetic fields can cause symptoms of illness in infants, children and adults, particularly those already experience low immunity.” For these reasons, we do not recommend having your children sleep on electric mats during their development stage. (Roy Riggs BSc) Click here to find out more about the dangers of EMF waves.


    It may seem that no matter where you go today, there will be some sort of EM radiation emitting into the environment. Due to this, Navien decided to create the Navien Mate water heated mattress pad, a new way to warm your bed without using electricity, only natural water. This protects you from the harmful EMF waves found in most electric blankets by circulating warm water, creating natural heat for you and your family. Navien Mate's therapeutic benefits includes includes tension release, sinus relief, and comfort every night.