Appliance to Get a Quality Sleep
Why Navien Mate?

Significant Difference in Sleep Efficiency

The sleep-helping effect of the Navien Mate was measured through a polysomnography test.

Sleep Research - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed
Increased Sleep time

23.7 minutes (Average)

Awakening Index


Sleep Efficiency Improved

6.1 % average (maximum up to 18.6%)

Reduction of Elevation Time

50% (Average) (Maximum up to 15minutes)

Take Care of Your Own Sleep Temperature for a Healthy Sleep

Have a snug sleep with a perfect temperature of a warm blanket.

Personalized Sleep Temperature.

Cozy Sleep

Healthy Life

Cozy Temperature Inside the Blanket.


A good sleep makes the body comfortable, reduces stress, and helps activate immune function.


During sleep, you need to maintain an appropriate body temperature to get a good sleep.

Maintaining Proper Temperature with Navien's Temperature Control Technology


Find your own deep sleep temperature with an advanced temperature control feature in 1-degree increments.


Automatically maintains the set temperature while sleeping.