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A Bed Warmer that Seeks Out your Perfect Sleeping Temperature

We each have our own preferred sleeping temperature. The Navien Mate bed warmer lets you and your partner manage your own sides of the bed, independently. Heavenly!

Home - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed
Home - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed

With Water Heated Mattress Pad, you'll stay Warm without high heating bills

Warm yourself, not your room with a heated mattress pad. The Navien Mate bed warmer gives you the wonderful warmth you want, right where you want it – right there in your bed. The heated mattress pad is energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Quick and Easy Bed Warmer Setup

Just connect your heating unit to your ultra-slim mattress topper with our easy one-click connector, fill with purified drinking water, and choose the preferred settings of your bed warmer. Voilà!

Home - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed

Product Features

Child Safe Mode

A parental control safety feature allows you to set adjustment restrictions for your child.


With a click of the button, turn on sterilization mode to ensure your device is bacteria free.

Auto Stop Timer

Power is automatically cut off after 15 hours of continuous operation.

Dual Temperature Control

Personalize your temperature preference for each side of the bed (available on Queen and King size models).

Home - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed
Home - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed


Set a timer for the perfect amount of time that you would like your bed to be warmed.

Leak Notification

The device is equipped with a sensor that automatically detects any leaks right away.

Balance Sensor

If the boiler is out of balance, it will automically cut off the power.

Overheat Protection System

Our System uses water technology to generate heat which helps eliminate the potential risk of fire hazards.

Introducing Perfect Climate Comfort just for your bed.

Navien Mate Products

Enjoy comfort, control and peace of mind every night with Navien Mate Cozy Sleep System

Navien Mate
EQM 350 (New Simple)

Including a bed warming topper and heating unit, this system offers customized comfort unparalleled by electric blankets. The quiet heating unit features customizable settings and multiple safety features of the heated mattress pad. 

Navien Mate
EQM 580 (The Care)

Water Heated Mattress Pad

The Navien Mate EQM 580 is a premium warming bed topper that offers all of the benefits of an electric heated mattress pad or blanket and none of the downsides. With customized comfort, it offers you the most effective heated mattress pad and blanket system to keep you warm during cold nights. 


Home - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed

Our products are designed with your comfort in mind, however, we understand that everyone has their own individual preferences.

With the help of our online questionnaire, we can determine which product is best suited to your needs.

Water Heated Mattress Pad and Bed Warmer Products that You'll Surely Love

Mattress Warmer Improves The Quality Of Sleep

Hot air systems can dry out your air and spread the common cold and flu viruses. Electric blankets are uneven, unreliable, and hazard-prone. The Navien Mate bed warmer is the elegant way to achieve the perfectly healthy sleeping environment you’ve been searching for.

A Complete Suite Of Bed Warmer Safety Systems

Our advanced, bed warmer mattress topper includes a complete suite of safety systems. That means you won’t have any of the worries associated with electric bed warmers, electric heated mattress pads, blankets, and heaters.

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