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[SAFER THAN ELECTRIC] Water heating technology provides a more even heat without the risk of fire or overheating.

[DUAL TEMPERATURE CONTROLS] King and Queen size mattresses allow you to adjust each side of the bed, so you can sleep comfortably with your desired sleep temperature.

[MAXIMUM SLEEP COMFORT] Navien Mate mattress pads are the thinnest available, offering maximum comfort without pokey wires or loud machines.

[SOOTHING POWER OF WATER] Heal your body with the soothing power of hot water. Relieves stress, inflammation and soreness all over.

[SAVE ENERGY] Our eco-friendly technology saves up to 50% compared to electric heating mattress pads by recirculating warm water.

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The Navien EQM 350

Welcome to the nice, warm bed of your dreams.

Introducing Perfect Climate Comfort Just For Your Bed

Enjoy comfort, control, and peace of mind every night with Navien Mate Cozy Sleep System

Child Safe Mode

A parental control feature allows you to set adjustment restrictions for your child.


Set a timer for the perfect amount of time that you would like your bed to be warmed.

Self Check System

Quickly and easily check the status of your system with a one button selection.

Dual Temperature Control

Personalize your temperature preference for each side of the bed. (available on Queen and King size models)


With a click of the button turn on sterilization mode to ensure your device is bacteria free.

Leaking sensor

The device is equipped with a sensor to ensure if any leaks do occur they will be detected right away.

Fire Prevention System

Our system replies upon water for the source of heat, which eliminates the fire hazards caused by electric blankets.

Heating Unit

Specialist of Temparature Control

Navien Mate applies Navien’s smart and sensitive temperature control technology to provide consistent and even warmth throughout your sleep.


The Navien Mate’s optional dual temperature control system lets you and your partner control the left and right sides of your bed, independently. (*Available for Queen)


Special knowledge or tools are not required to install and operate your Navien Mate. The intuitive interface of the heating unit comes naturally and is easy to understand.


Navien Mate uses low-noise motor to circulate water quickly and keep every corner of your bed equally toasty.

State-of-the-Art Safety Features

In designing a product, KD Navien researchers put the highest priority on “safety.”


Child Lock Mode

This lock mode prevents children from operating the product for safety.

High Temperature Notification

Prevents low-temperature burn that can occur when used for a prolonged period at temperature over 100ºF(38ºC).

No Electric Wire

Because Navien Mate uses heated water instead of electricity to heat your bed, you can rest easy and without worries.

ETL Certified

Acquired the certification of ETL, Navien Mate will give peace to your mind.

Balancing Sensor

Self-check System

Connector Guard

Temperature Sensor

Freeze Protection

Fire Protection System

Water Leak Notification

Automatic Stop Timer

Double Safety Water Inlet Cover & Cap

Malfunction Prevention System

Overheat Protection Sensor

Smart Features

Enjoy the smartest function in the most convenient way.

Sterilization Mode

Sterilizing bacterium and micro-organisms in water by rapidly heating the water inside the heating unit and pad.

Easy Connector

Simple one click connector installation! The device won’t leak even if the connector is disconnected during operation.

Water Level Indicator

A friendly voice explains status and setting information in detail.


Timer feature lets you turn off Navien Mate automatically.

Backup Heating

Ensure you stay nice and cozy all night long with the Navien Mate backup heating source.

Storage Bags

Storage bags for Heating Unit & topper help you put away your heating unit and pad when not in use.

Ultra-Slim Mattress Cover

Newly designed mattress topper’s 1mm slim design will never interfere with the performance of your mattress. It is super-easy to fold and store when summer arrives.

Safe Materials

Navien Ultra-Slim Mat has passed the Primary Skin Irritation Test and the Cytotoxicity Assessment in accordance with the FDA.

1mm thin enables you to feel your own mattress firmness

2765 (ft) water ways will cover edge to edge

Compactly Folded Foldable and portable

Natural Cover

Cotton seeds were not filtered to keep the naturalism. 100% pure cotton without fluorescent bleaching and dying treatment. Less irritation and safe on the skin.

3-way zipper open design

Corner tie strings

Navien Meets FDA Standard

Navien Mate’s mattress topper is safe to use as safe materials which passed Primary Skin Irritation Test and Cytotoxicity Assessment reviewed in accordance with the provisions of the FDA Good Laboratory Practice Regulations.

Simple and Easy to Operate

Easy Installation

Special knowledge or tools are not required to install and operate your Navien Mate.

The intuitive interface of the heating unit comes naturally and is easy to understand.

1. Plug the mattress topper hose to the heating unit until you hear a click.

2. Power on the heating unit. Open the stopper and add purified and filtered water.

3. When the water level indicator shows full, put back the stopper on the unit and set desired temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no EMF on the Navien Mate mattress but the EMF from the heating unit is minimal compared to an electric blanket. You will be safe from EMF if you place the heating unit under the bed or no closer than 12-inches away from where it’s operating.

  1. Prepare a bucket to receive water.
  2. Open the inlet cover of the heating unit and turn the stopper counterclockwise to open.
  3. Hold the inlet cover and tilt the heating unit forward to remove the water inside.
  4. To remove the remaining water from the heating unit outlet / return connection port, press the protrusion at the center of the connector to drain the remaining water.
It is recommended that the height of the heating unit and mat are leveled for smooth water circulation in the early stages of use and installation. In case of using it afterwards, if the height of the bed is less than 1m(3ft), you can place the boiler lower than the mat.

The slim type mats are very thin, less than 1mm in size, so you can feel the cushioning feeling of the mattress when you use it on the bed. When using the product on the floor, it is recommended to use a thick mat or blanket to prevent heat loss.

▸ For Navien Mate Slim model (EQM301-SSUS/QSUS/KSUS)

1. Press the Timer and Sterilization button at the same time for three seconds with the heating unit powered off (however the heating unit must be plugged into an electrical source). Check the left display window, and the window should show St and the right display window should show 1. Next, press the + button on the right-hand side to change the number to 2 and press Timer button once again.

2. Check the right display window. The display should show a country code. Afterwards press the + button to change the country code to US. Now your system is in Fahrenheit mode. If you ever want to change the setting back into Celsius you can. Select Celsius mode by pressing the – button to change the country code to CO.

3. After you have finished your settings, press the Timer button once again to leave the temperature mode process.

▸ For Comfort-Mate Cushion model (EQH-20WUS/40WUS)

Cushion model(EQH) is only available in Fahrenheit mode and does not support Celsius mode.

The first time you install the unit, it will take 15-20 minutes. After that, it usually takes 5-10 minutes for the temperature to reach 99°F.

By heating the heating unit and the water inside the mat at high temperature, it can sterilize bacteria and microorganisms, so you can rest assured without worrying about harmful bacteria. It is recommended to use sterilization mode once a month. Do not lie on the bed warmer pad during sterilization mode.

▸ For Navien Mate EQM350 and EQM580

Touch the MODE button on the control panel for 3 seconds and NO is displayed on the left of the status display window.
Turn the dial to the right. When YES flashes, press the dial to complete the setting.
Sterilization is performed for 25 minutes, and the remaining time is displayed in minutes / seconds in the status display window.

For Comfort-Mate Slim model (EQM301-SSUS/QSUS/KSUS)

Touch and hold 2 seconds the sterilization button on the control panel of the heating unit while operate the Comfort-Mate, the sterilization lamp will light, and sterilization mode will be activated.
The sterilization mode is 30 minutes, and the power is automatically turned off after shutdown.

Navien Mate recommends place heating unit on your foot-side. The upper side is the side without hose and the lower side is the side connected to hose and heating unit. When you see the mattress topper from the lower side, you can see the left and right side.

▸ Navien Mate EQM 350
The label attached to the hose indicates left and right side.Slim Mat

Navien Mate is a bed warming mattress topper that provides warmth for comfort. Dual temperature control is possible by individually adjusting the left and right temperature in 1°F increments.

The separate heating function is optimized for use at temperatures (shown below) recommended. The recommended water temperature for each mat type is 95°F (35°C) above the cushion mat and 91°F (33°C) above the slim mat.

If you set the temperature to be lower than the recommended water temperature, when using separate heating, the mat temperature may be affected by your body temperature (98°F/37°C).

▸ For Navien Mate Slim model (EQM350 and EQM 580)

1. Touch the – / + buttons on the left / right screen display window to set the left / right temperature of the mat.

2.When setting the temperature higher than 99°F, touch + button once more after setting 99°F and ‘UP’ will be displayed on the screen. When the ‘UP’ display is blinking, touch + button again, and you can set high temperature setting.

3.To turn off, touch the – button once more at 77°F and the display will show OFF and the heating will be terminated.


The Navien Mate EQM 350

Bed warming mattress topper
Starting from


Our Customers Say It Best

Special knowledge or tools are not required to install and operate your Navien Mate. The intuitive interface of the heating unit comes naturally and is easy to understand.

53 reviews
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53 reviews for Navien Mate EQM 350

  1. wklee1004
    Boiler Not Working 3 Times
    I can’t recommend EQM301. Its pump broke down twice and a new boiler was sent, which stops running only after 3 hours. Now I am asked to pay for repairs. What kind of a new boiler breaks down within a year??? And how is the repair customer’s responsibility even when a new boiler stops running within a year? I wouldn’t recommend this boiler to my friends or family.
  2. gmax11235
    Verified Customer
    We had a goodnight sleep for a few days, but it takes about 2 hours to get warm from 72 to 86F.
  3. Dongchel Shin
    Navien Mate EQM 350
    This is my review of using the Navien mate water heated mattress pad for the first time. The package included the boiler, mat, mat cover and accessories were neatly packed and the installation method was simple. When I unfolded the mat covered with a cotton mat cover on the bed, the room looked bright and cozy. I felt much refreshed after sleeping on the Navien Mate water heated mattress pad on a cool day. I think I will be able to spend this winter comfortably.
  4. Angelica Song
    Navien Mate EQM 350
    Great investment to have Navien Mate for your bed!
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