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EQM 301 (Simple)

KD Navien Mate is a premium warming mattress pad with a portable heating unit and mat to warm the water to an assigned temperature. A pump constantly circulates the warm water into the mat to promote quality sleep without dryness or stuffy air from your home’s heating system.

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EQM 350 (New Simple)

The Navien EQM 350 bed warming mattress topper offers precise control over the temperature of your mattress without any of the hazards of electric blankets. The quiet heating unit circulates warm water throughout the mattress pad while the mattress topper itself is durable, soft, and free of chemicals and dies. This model also comes with a Rawganic topper cover made from 100% pure cotton. Unique to the EQM 350 is the Sleep Mode, which controls the settings throughout your sleep cycle so that you can continue to stay comfortable without making adjustments yourself.

Products - Navien Mate

EQM 580 (The Care)

The Navien EQM 580 premium warming mattress pad uses water to continuously and evenly heat your mattress depending on your ideal sleeping temperature. It offers comfort and control, while the quiet heating unit continuously circulates warm water throughout the entire mattress pad. There are no areas that are too hot or too cold; you’re entire mattress will be just the right temperature. Special feature for this model si Wi-Fi. You can control and manage anytime, anywhere with any device. This model also comes with a Rawganic topper cover made from certified pure cotton and Sleep Mode. The Sleep Mode allows for automated temperature control to maintain the best temperature to promote quality sleep all night long

Products - Navien Mate
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