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Why Do You Need a Bed Warmer in Texas?

No matter where you live in Texas, it’s bound to get cold during the winter months. What may seem cold to those in Texas will, of course, differ from how those in Minnesota and New York feel because Texans are not used to snow or freezing temperatures. 

When the snow does hit, and the temperatures drop, it’s best to be prepared with a mattress warmer that can keep your thermostat down and save you money while keeping you warm in your bed. There’s no worse feeling than being used to warm weather and quickly having to adjust when a snowstorm hits! Don’t let the weather affect your sleep quality; instead, use a non-electric bed heater

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Benefits of a Water Heated Mattress Pad

Provides Therapeutic Relief

Heat has a healing power that can help muscles relax while easing tension and promoting blood flow. The heat from a bed warmer can relieve sore muscles as you sleep! 

Saves on Heat Bill

You can turn the heat down at night and use a dual temperature mattress pad to keep you warm throughout the night without the risk of running up your heating bill. 


Water heated mattress pads are safer than an electric blanket because they circulate warm water set at a constant temperature. Instead of having spots of extreme heat that can cause burns, the warm water is continuously regulated. 

Pre-Warms Bed

Instead of getting into your bed and being confronted with chilly sheets, you can warm up your bed in advance. All you have to do is turn on the heated mattress pad and continue with your nightly routine. By the time you’re ready for bed, it will be just the right temperature. 

Why Navien Mate? 

We’re a leading provider of safe, environmentally-friendly, and energy-efficient water-heated mattress pads that keep your heating bills down while improving the quality of your sleep. In fact, your newest problem may be getting out of bed in the morning!

To learn more about how our bed warmers can give you your best sleep yet, contact us today!

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