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Finding your perfect sleep temperature is key to helping you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep. We all know how uncomfortable it is to get into a bed that’s been dormant all day only to find out that the sheets are just as cold as the air surrounding it. Most beds are placed near a wall or a window, which means they are prone to drafts that can make sleeping difficult. Warming mattress pads allow you to find your ideal temperature so that you can snuggle up and stay comfortable all night long. If you share your bed, make sure to try out the Navien Mate’s dual temperature option. We know that everyone has their own ideal sleeping temperature, and now you can share your bed with your spouse, pets, and children without being uncomfortable!


Reduce Heating Bills with Our Non Electric Heated Bed Warmers

Heating your entire house can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the age of your home and insulation. Why should it be necessary to spend that amount of money heating rooms that aren’t in use for at least eight hours a day? When you and the family are tucked in at night, no one is in the living room, dining room, kitchen, etc. It’s recommended to turn your heat down at night to save money each month during the winter. However, when you do this, your bedroom might get cold. After all, bedrooms are often the coldest rooms in a house. Instead of feeling freezing every night, you can still save money with a water heated mattress pad that preheats the bed for you before you even get in!


Easy Set Up

Setting up your new heated mattress pad is easy. All you have to do is fill the unit with water and select your preferred sleeping temperature. If you’re not sure which temperature will help you sleep better, try going up or down in increments of 1o F. Once you find the right temperature, all you have to do is set it for next time. Unlike electric heated mattress pad and blanket, the warm mattress cover will circulate warm water throughout the entire pad instead of adding heat to your body. When you regulate this, you’ll have a more consistent sleeping temperature and never get too high at night. 


Achieve your Best Sleep with Navien Mate Bed Warmer

Additional Benefits of a Therapeutic Heated Mattress Warming Pad

Heat Therapy and Tension Release

Many people turn to heat to relax, because warmth releases tension in the muscles. If you have minor aches and pains from working hard all day, a heated mattress pad can help your entire body relax, along with your mind.

Sinus Relief

The dry air caused by the use of your home’s heating system can lead to colds, the flu, and uncomfortable sinus infections. When you turn down the heat to sleep at night and use your new Navien Mate, you can expect to feel better when you wake up. Your sinuses will thank you when you wake up able to breathe just as easily as you did in the summertime.

Enjoy Warmth, Comfort and Temperature Control Every Night

Your comfort is controlled by you when you use Navien Mate. Sleep soundly and comfortably every single night this winter!

Child Safe Mode

With a parental control feature, you can rest assured knowing that you’re the only one able to make adjustment restrictions for your child. You can always keep them safe!

Heated Bed Warmer's Self-Check System

You can easily check the status of your unit with the click of a button.

Heating Pad's Timer

If you only need your bed warm for a specific amount of time, use the timer so that you don’t have to get up just to turn your Navien Mate off.

Dual Temperature Control

Personalize each side of the mattress warming pad so that you and your partner can sleep soundly at your ideal temperature. Want to make sure your pet is warm during the cold winter months? Set the ideal temperature of the mattress warming pad, and you won’t have to worry about using dangerous electric blankets or hot water bottles to keep them comfortable.


The Navien Mate mattress warming pad's sterilization mode will help keep your unit bacteria-free with the click of a button.

Leaking Sensor

A sensor inside the device ensures that any leaks of the matter pad warmer will be detected right away to keep your mattress pad mess-free.

Fire Prevention

The Navien Mate mattress pad warmer relies on water to evenly distribute heat, which eliminates the potential for fire hazards caused by electric blankets.


Connecting the device anytime, anywhere with any device. You can manage and control by downloading Navien Mate Application.

Sleep Cozy, Sleep Better with the Water Heated Mattress Warmer that You Love

The Navien Mate is the revolutionary mattress warming pad that keeps your heating bills down while improving your sleep quality.

How to Use a Heated Mattress Warming Pad Product

Using the Navien Mate mattress pad warmer is easy! All you have to do is follow these simple steps:
Mattress warmer - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed

1. Connect the hose to the back of the unit.

Make sure the NAVIEN logo is facing upward, and the hose is pushed all the way until it clicks.

2. Fill the unit with water

When you touch the power button, you can check the water level on the display. To add water, open the water cap, check the water level with your own eyes, then add water until the indicator lamp reaches the highest level. The water may take a few seconds to flow from the boiler to the pad. Continue to add more water when the indicator changes to the lowest level. When the water level is filled, close the cap tightly.

3. Power up the device

Turn the device on to start heating up your mattress. Select your ideal temperature or experiment with one-degree increments to find the right one for your sleep environment.

Our Mattress Warmers

EQM 301 (Simple)

KD Navien Mate is a premium warming mattress pad with a portable heating unit and mat to warm the water to an assigned temperature. A pump constantly circulates the warm water into the mat to promote quality sleep without dryness or stuffy air from your home’s heating system.

Mattress warmer - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed
Mattress warmer - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed

The Navien EQM 350 bed warming mattress topper offers precise control over the temperature of your mattress without any of the hazards of electric blankets. The quiet heating unit circulates warm water throughout the mattress pad while the mattress topper itself is durable, soft, and free of chemicals and dies. This model also comes with a Rawganic topper cover made from 100% pure cotton. Unique to the EQM 350 is the Sleep Mode, which controls the settings throughout your sleep cycle so that you can continue to stay comfortable without making adjustments yourself.

The Navien EQM 580 premium warming mattress pad uses water to continuously and evenly heat your mattress depending on your ideal sleeping temperature. It offers comfort and control, while the quiet heating unit continuously circulates warm water throughout the entire mattress pad. There are no areas that are too hot or too cold; you’re entire mattress will be just the right temperature. Special feature for this model si Wi-Fi. You can control and manage anytime, anywhere with any device. This model also comes with a Rawganic topper cover made from certified pure cotton and Sleep Mode. The Sleep Mode allows for automated temperature control to maintain the best temperature to promote quality sleep all night long

Mattress warmer - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed

A water heated mattress pad is similar to an electric blanket; only it uses a different type of heating element: water. Unlike an electric heated mattress warming pad, these mattress warming pads are meant to be bed warmers, not as a cover.

The most significant benefit of water-heated mattress pads over the traditional electric mattress heater is that the temperature is completely regulated. Instead of focusing the heat into a few areas, the water continuously circulates to provide a more even heat distribution for additional comfort.

These water-heated mattress pads should be used during the cold months, when warming your entire house becomes expensive. It’s not cost-effective to keep the heat at a high level in your living room, kitchen, and common areas when everyone is sound asleep in bed.

Experts recommend turning your heat down at night to save money, but many people can’t sleep well when it’s too cold. The water-heated mattress heater is ideal for these types of situations, making sleep more comfortable and your wallet a little fuller.

Like electric blankets, these mattress warming pads are extremely portable and can be taken with you on the go.

Water heated mattress pads are designed for safety and efficiency. Unlike electric mattress heater that can burn you, the water regulated within the water-heated mattress pad never gets too hot or too cold, keep you and your family safe all night long.

Electric blankets expose you to electromagnetic fields and fire hazards that water-heated mattress pads do not. However, as with all electronics, it’s important that you read the directions and never misuse your mattress pad as incorrect use can be dangerous.

The bed warming mattress topper offers precise comfort without the possible hazards of electric mattress pads or blankets. It can be folded up and taken with you on the go so that you can always have a quality night’s sleep, no matter where you are.
Control the temperature of your mattress pad without getting up! With the remote control of mattress warming pad, you can make changes to the temperature without leaving the warmth of your comfortable bed.
The mat cover is made out of 100% pure cotton with no bleaching or dye treatment. It has a three-way zipper and corner tie strings to connect with your Navien Mate mattress warming pad easily. We recommend having two mat covers so that you can swap them out when you need to launder your first mat cover.
Electric blankets put out EMF waves that can be dangerous to humans. EMFs are possibly carcinogenic to humans, which means that using an electric blanket or electric heated mattress warming pad might have serious health implications in the long run. With water heated mattress pads, you eliminate EMF waves from your nightly routine completely.

If you’ve never used an electric heated mattress pad warmer, you know that the areas where the wires are can get extremely hot and even burn your skin. If you’re using these to sleep, they can become dangerous.

As you sleep, your body doesn’t feel pain like it does when you’re awake, so you could be burning yourself without knowing it until morning. On the flip side, if you’re hyper-aware of the wires, you could lie uncomfortably in bed trying to avoid those areas.

Navien Mate mattress pad warmer has no wires that come into direct contact with your body, making it both a safe, effective, and comfortable heating solution for your bed.

Electric blankets often have spots that are extremely hot or extremely cold with no in-between. This is due to the wires only letting heat out in a small area. Because of this, you can burn your skin while still being cold because the blanket’s heat is not distributed across your body evenly.

Navien Mate’s mattress pad warmer evenly distributes warm water so that no matter where you are on your bed, the temperature of your mattress is always ideal. With consistent heat of the mattress warming pad, you can sleep more comfortably.

Our Mattress Warmers

Since water-heated mattress warming pad are relatively new, most people may not even know they exist. Most are amazed when they learn there is not only a better way, but a more economical approach to stay warmer.

An easy method for curing those midnight chills is to turn up the thermostat, allowing more heat to circulate throughout the house. The problem is that it’s inefficient to heat an entire home because you’re only cold in one room. Also, the process of heating the whole house can take far too long, leaving you cold for hours through the night.

The other issue is that most couples do not agree on a perfect temperature, so there is often a battle for what number to set the thermostat.

Heating the entire house also costs a great deal more, especially with the rising cost of different fuels. This makes this method not only expensive, but environmentally-unfriendly.

A water-heated mattress warming pad is more cost-efficient as it warms only the bed that you’re sleeping on. The temperature can be adjusted on different sides of the bed, so there’s no more need to argue with your partner about what’s too hot or too cold.

A water-heated mattress warming pad uses electricity only to heat the water, not to heat the whole unit, using less energy.

Since water does a beautiful job holding heat, there is minimal power used to keep things up to temperature. Flowing water will neither burn you nor expose you to harmful EMF waves. The bed warmer’s heating system doesn’t dry the air out around the bed. You can even set the heat at different temperatures on each side of the bed, so you and your partner are both satisfied.

Navien Mate bed warming pad features two zones of personalized temperature control. The Dual Temperature Control (DTC) system manages separate heating elements for left and right sides of the mattress warming pad. In one heating solution, two people can have custom control of their ideal sleeping temperature.

Getting a good night’s sleep is not just about keeping warm at night; it’s also about remaining comfortable and safe. Good sleep is priceless, but with a water-heated mattress warming pad, you can get peace of mind at night without breaking the bank.


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