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Can a Bed Warmer Help Alleviate Body Pain?

You experience different types of body pain over the course of your life especially for those with an active lifestyle. You do not deserve however to experience body pain due to uncomfortable sleeping conditions. Your time for sleeping should help alleviate body pain, not be the cause of it. Back pain is one of the common reasons for absence from work, inability to attend class or important meetings, and for seeking medical treatment. It can be uncomfortable and unbearable at times. Body pain can be linked to tension, and other non-physical problems. Those who are working from home are sure to experience back pain at certain points in their life, especially when they are slouching from their work area most of the time.

Tips to avoid body pain:

  1. Don’t sit up in your bed hunched over your laptop. That’s a definite recipe for back pain over time.
  2. If you must sit for a long time, use cushioned chairs. Hard seats won’t support your back and may prevent you from sitting up straight.
  3. Use a comfortable desk and chair if you need them while working.
  4. Tuck your stomach in when you’re standing.
  5. Let your arms hang naturally on the sides of your body.
  6. Keep a good posture.

Lack of sleep due to body pain may affect how much pain a person can tolerate. Most adults need 7–9 hours of sleep a night, that is according to a study. However busy business owners, managers and workers that extend beyond the normal work schedule sometimes carry their work to their homes which is why a comfortable home working environment is needed. For athletes on the other hand, they have normal visits to physical therapists for treatment on muscles, injuries and others. Sleep should be one of the rewards you get at the end of your day, not added discomfort. The bed should be comfortable, the temperature should be just right and the duration should be adequate. Take care of yourself and address body pain properly. A bed warmer is definitely recommended since it helps soothe your muscles as you rest, recover and enjoy.

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