How to relieve back pain at home - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed

How to relieve back pain at home

Back pain is certainly one of the most common ailments to experience especially for professionals and athletes. As a matter of fact, up to 80% of people experience this at one point in their life. Some choose to sleep it off, ignore and just tolerate the pain. It can be unbearable at times though especially considering how much discomfort it can cause affecting your whole day. It can keep you from working efficiently, affect your physical conditioning for athletes and overall affect your body movement. If the pain progresses to severe, don’t delay any further and find the nearest physical therapist or physician and get it looked at ASAP!

So what exactly is the best way to deal with back pain while you are at home?

  • Keep Active – You may not feel up to it at times, however constant movement is a back pain killer. The pain can keep you from doing this, but you just have to deal with it. It can sometimes take a week or two but eventually you’ll get there. A sedentary lifestyle will not be good for your back pain treatment since it may cause long term effects if not treated within a month. So find time to schedule some physical activities at home or in the gym which involves stretching, some light back exercises to keep it heated. The more loosened up your back muscles are, the better your recovery time will be.
  • Strengthen your Back – Your back pain can be signaling you something especially if the back pains occur more frequently. Try hitting the gym or performing light exercises during the morning that especially focuses on the back, abdominal core which will in turn improve your overall physical condition and flexibility. You’ll feel like a whole new person if you are new to this since it also improves your mental health as well. A win-win situation in any person’s situation. Yoga is one of the best and most recommended exercises. After a hard day’s work investing in a heating pad mattress which also helps your recovery time.
How to relieve back pain at home - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed
  • Be conscious about your Body Posture – Don’t slouch at work or at home since this takes a toll on your back especially if your BMI is not at the normal range. Some buy back posture vests especially if you’ve developed bad posture over the years and have a hard time adjusting. After long hours of sitting, be sure to stretch things out at least once an hour. Stand when working if you can at times.
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight – Your back carries your body all throughout the day. Take the pressure off by incorporating healthy eating habits, get the right amount of rest to kick start metabolism and exercise periodically. You only get 1 body, and there is no one that will deal with the back pain except for you. Having a healthy bmi lowers the toll on the spine from your daily activities at work, exercise and everything.
  • Ice or Heat Treatment – For instant relief, you can resort to ice and heat treatments which help with muscle recovery especially for back pain. It’s a good idea to keep your back heated while at rest, this way even at rest a good heating mattress pad continues treating your back pain. Ice baths are also great especially if there is some swelling or stiffness, it’ll do loads for pain management and get you back to top form in no time.

If these suggestions don’t work, it may be time to see a specialist especially if it becomes a recurring situation. 

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