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Trick or Treat: Tips and Tricks for a Sound Night of Sleep After Halloween

Halloween is a time for kids to dress up and enjoy the evening, but it often comes with sleep deprivation. This night of fright and festivities can end up keeping your kids awake long past their normal bedtime and wreak havoc on their sleep routine. The loss of even an hour of sleep is hard on the body and children are particularly vulnerable.

We’ve compiled a few tips to make sure your little ones get their much-needed zzz’s on Halloween:

  • Start early by setting the scene with scary decorations and “trick or treating” around the neighborhood before bedtime. Being aware of your child’s normal pre-bed routine and the time they typically turn in will help you stick with that schedule as closely as possible.
  • It’s important to resist the urge to binge on sweets as sugar and caffeine will spike your kids’ blood sugar and keep them up late into the night.
  • Keep as close as possible to bedtime routines. As your little ones settle down from too much stimulation, typical bedtime cues such as warming up their bed with the Navien Mate Water-Heated mattress pad will signal them to wind down and transition to sleep.
  • Scary movies are a traditional part of Halloween night, but keep in mind that spooky stories have a tendency to bring about nightmares in children. Make a deal with your kids that any screen time will be scheduled at least two hours before bedtime.
  • Keep your kids’ bedroom cozy for a restful night. Tuck your kids into bed and sit down for a few minutes of relaxing conversation about their day. Warming up their bed to the perfect temperature with the Navien Mate will help your little ones get their best sleep – even after an exciting Halloween evening.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Navien Mate!

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