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Best Temperature and Sleeping Conditions During Pregnancy

As an expecting mother, there are a lot of factors that can make you all fussy and uncomfortable. With all your hormones raging up and down, heightened senses all throughout the day, the only time you are really at rest is during sleep! Which makes getting a good night’s sleep all more meaningful and important. Improving your quality of sleep helps set the tone for the upcoming day, a simple mattress warmer can make all the difference. With this in mind, we’ve researched some suggested tips to keep you on your best behavior, all relaxed and comfortable as you should be while gearing up for labor day. 

Set the Proper Room Lighting

You may already know this, but sleeping in a darkened room helps you nod off quicker. This is also backed up by science as you know, darkness helps release melatonin which aids with helping you sleep and at the same time keep you asleep. This also aids your comfort level, your eyes are sensitive to light, the slightest peep of light can throw you off and interrupt your beauty rest. Aside from this, there are also other health benefits to this, which include increasing your metabolism, helping promote a healthy weight during pregnancy and avoiding going over your suggested BMI. So even after pregnancy keep in mind the proper room lighting when sleeping is crucial since your weight can increase by as much as 50% over a period. So maybe it’s time to invest on some thick darkening curtains for your room, it’s totally worth it. 

Best Temperature and Sleeping Conditions During Pregnancy - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed

Set the Right Room Temperature 

The ideal temperature for sleeping conditions is at 68 to 72 degrees, during pregnancy this may vary between person to person. If the room is too humid or warm it will already make a regular person uncomfortable, how much more an expecting mother? To set you in a restful state, you need a properly regulated bed temperature to ensure you get the most from your sleep. In cold temperatures, it may be a good time to invest in a quality bed mattress warmer since even after pregnancy, it can still be used. Placing a room thermometer is also suggested to help you easily monitor room temperatures. As we said earlier, the comfortable sleeping temperatures vary from person to person, so it is up to you to find and tinker with your mattress warmer until you get it right. Expecting mothers are susceptible to hot flashes, cooler sleeping conditions will certainly ease your tension and improve your quality of sleep. 

Noise Matters

As we mentioned earlier, during pregnancy your senses are heightened for your hearing, smell, taste and more. So avoiding noise interruptions while at rest is basic. However if you live in an environment where noise is beyond your control, you can resort to a white noise player. These are becoming more and more popular especially for people living in buildings or condominiums packed with people and inconsiderate neighbors at times. For as little as $6, you can already buy a white noise player online which you can easily carry in your bag wherever you go. As the saying goes even at sleep your hearing still works so white noise helps produce a continuous equal noise intensity that blocks out any disorienting outside noise. This is perfect especially for light sleepers and those who find it difficult to fall asleep at times. During the first use though expect some adjustment which may take a day or two however you are sure to get used to it eventually and appreciate its effects. 

Engage in Sleep Inducing Activities

If you’re pregnant and still working an 8-5 schedule while awaiting your maternity leave, we would suggest activities that help you gear up for a rest mode. These activities include light reading, taking a cool or warm bath, scribbling something on your baby book or any activities that help you relax. A nice soothing massage can also do the job. What’s important is to engage in an activity that lowers your heart rate and prepares your unconscious mind for sleep. If you still find it difficult to sleep, do baby steps like creating a sleeping pattern or perform yoga poses for pregnant women. The best reward an expecting mother looks forward to at the end of the day is usually uninterrupted and relaxing sleep. Nothing more simple than this. 

The most important phase of your sleep is during the first three hours. Why? This will dictate the quality of sleep you will get for the rest of your resting state. Keep your bed properly regulated with the right mattress warmer, get the proper light and follow the other suggestions above. Once your newborn is out, you’ll be wishing you stacked up on rest and relaxation. 

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