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EMF and Healthy Sleep

Many are unaware but all of us are exposed to some degree to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) everyday. EMF, also known as radiation, is amplified through the daily use of electronic gadgets and even our basic household appliances. But what does this mean to us? EMF may not be tangible but there is a significant health risk brought about by EMF exposure, especially impacting our sleep.

Studies have proven EMF affects a wide array of bodily functions and one of them is sleep. Electromagnetic radiation has been linked to a high level of stress which can cause hormonal imbalance. It also lowers melatonin levels by which your pineal glands, the gland one responsible for all your hormonal balance, is affected causing symptoms like chronic fatigue. Lastly, too much exposure to artificial light has a huge impact on our sleep by suppressing our melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone.

Tips to reduce EMF exposure:

  • Make sure your bed is not too close to EMF radiating devices such as wireless routers, televisions, computer monitors, and electric mats.
  • Understand that some electric appliances emit more EMF waves than the others such as microwaves, which rank next to electric blankets and wireless routers.
  • Stay away from monitor or phone screens an hour before your desired time to sleep as your eyes are sensitive to artificial light.
  • Consciously choose bedroom appliances  that emit low EMF such as the Navien Mate cozy sleep system.


Navien Mate Pad is EMF-Free

Many bed warmers produce radiation waves but Navien Mate premium bed warming mattress toppers have been fully tested to have zero EMF on the pad. If your bed warmer radiates EM,  it forfeits the purpose of giving you a sound and healthy sleep and instead, might cause you trouble sleeping.

Navien Mate is truly revolutionary in terms of maintaining the perfect sleeping temperature without emitting the harmful EMF that traditional electric blankets or warming mats contain. Find out more about the Navien Mate Cozy Sleep System and its health benefits by visiting this page.


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