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Water vs Electric Heating: What’s the Difference?

Water vs Electric Heating: What’s the Difference?

Navien, one of the industry leaders in heating technology, took a leap of faith to create the next revolutionary radiant bed warming system: Navien Mate. The Navien Mate is a radiant, hydronic (circulating water) bed warmer that provides warmth while protecting you and your family from harmful EMF waves. Although the heating unit plugs into an electrical outlet, the mattress topper itself does not radiate any EMF wavers as no electric wires embedded inside the topper. To give the readers a better understanding of the history of radiant heating, we will go over the different techniques of heating that are available today.

Forced-Air Heating

The first type is air forced-air heating, which is the least cost-effective method due to the very nature of air not being able to hold large amounts of heat. Air is heated then forced through vents into a space to be warmed. Check out our temperature controlled mattress pad.

Electric Radiant Heating

The second type of heating is through electrical wiring set up beneath the floor or in a blanket or pad. Electric current is passes through wires and radiates heat into solid surface or the air. See our bed warmer electric.

Hydronic Radiant Heating (Navien Mate’s System)

Lastly, we have hydronic radiant heating systems. Hydronic (water) systems are the most cost-effective heating solutions for environments that do not receive a lot of heat. Essentially, the hydronic radiant systems circulate heated water through tubes underneath the floor or pad. The only downside is probably the higher upfront cost, but this method is the safest and most reliable in terms of keeping your home or bed at the perfect temperature. Check out aqua bed warmer non-electric heater blanket.


Hydronic systems may be the pricier alternative for the initial purchase but being the safest, most reliable, and cost-effective solution makes it the best long-term choice. To learn more about how hydronic systems work, check out our blog on radiant heating.

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