Quick Tips to Improve your Sleep Hygiene

After a long day, the moment you arrive home you just want to place all your stuff on the floor, set your room to a comfortable temperature and just doze off. We all experience this, and as we grow we more and more want to invest in a good night’s sleep. Sleep hygiene is important since it helps develop healthy sleeping habits to improve your quality of sleep. Most people nowadays think that if they have insomnia maybe they need to take medication, in all honesty sometimes all that is needed is to first improve your sleep hygiene and see where that goes.

How to Know if you have Poor Sleep Hygiene?

  • You get tired easily and quite early during the day
  • You take power naps even though you have a healthy schedule
  • Your caffeine intake is excessive
  • You wake up several times during the night and can’t seem to sleep straight
  • You’re hungry during the night and wake up to get a snack

Healthy Sleep Hygiene include reducing the amount of caffeine intake you take during the day, cooling down and removing all your work clothes to change into something comfortable, dimming the light in your room to induce a restful sleep or simply taking a nice hot shower to feel as though you are also washing away all the stress from your day and body.

It is well documented that people who develop good sleep hygiene have healthier lifestyles, increased productivity at work, and a healthier weight due to the healthy digestion. Develop a routine where you help yourself cooldown properly and exercise during the day. Healthy sleep hygiene will keep your body programmed to help induce a healthy sleeping schedule. You’ll wake up with more energy, find yourself skipping power naps, become more productive at work and help your body maintain a healthy BMI.

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