Best Type of Massages to Help you Sleep Better

It’s 3am, your eyes still wide open, you’ve drank warm milk, set the room temperature but you still cannot sleep. There are many factors that can keep you from sleeping even though your body is exhausted, it can be stress, going over your recommended caffeine intake, jetlag, or a rotating work schedule. Considering sleeping pills should be the last thing to consider especially since you may be too reliant on it in the long run. We’ve all been there, and we all have our own way of coping and finding unconventional ways to get sleep.

Try going for a massage after work or a couple hours before bed time. It helps soothe muscles down prepping it for a good night’s sleep. Before going for a massage, be sure first to visit a general practitioner for safety to make sure no health implication can be caused by it. After getting cleared, you may soon find out how you can sleep better with a nice massage to cap off a busy day. A massage improves your overall mood balance, relaxes your body and rejuvenates sore muscles that have built up over the last couple months. So what types of massage is recommended?

Deep tissue massage – The feeling of releasing pressure from aching muscles is a relief, you feel like you worked out which ultimately sets you up for a comfy sleep. You’ll also find yourself sleeping better without interruptions due to tension or uneasiness. There’s no better feeling than getting those 6-8 hours of deep sleep.

Reflexology – Normally targeting your foot, it bears all the weight of getting you from point a to point b and vice versa.It deserves a little pampering once in a while. Some people have main pressure points that have been aching for days, combined with a nice warm foot bath, this should cap off a good massage.

There are also many other types of massages to consider, however each person has their own preference and some also like trying different types of massages as well. Regardless, every type of massage will certainly help you sleep like a baby.

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