Why Heated Mattress Pads are Good for the Environment - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed

Why Heated Mattress Pads are Good for the Environment

There are countless benefits to using a water heated mattress pad. You will see your sleep improve, which means you will see better productivity and you will see better results from physical exercise. It has also been found that heating pads reduce inflammation and can actually have a strengthening effect on your immune system.

But Navien Mate heating pads aren’t just good for your mind and body, they also have a positive impact on the environment.

5 Reasons Why Our Mattress Pads are Environmentally-Friendly

From the material they are made of to the way our heating pads work, we’ve taken steps to ensure that our products are as eco-friendly as possible. We believe that your comfort and wellbeing should always be a priority, which is why we have designed ours to be innovative and environmentally friendly.

Keep reading to learn 5 ways our heating pads are good for the environment:

Why Heated Mattress Pads are Good for the Environment - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed


1 – Lower Your Energy Consumption

The most important way we help the environment is by helping you reduce your energy consumption on a daily basis. Most of us rely on central heating to keep our homes at a comfortable temperature and this means our entire house is heated, even when we are only using one or two rooms.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars during the winter months to keep every room in your home toasty, use our non-electric bed warmer pad instead. A heating pad will keep your body warm and comfortable throughout the night. This means that you can turn down your thermostat earlier in the day, reducing the amount of energy consumed. 

A little side bonus of this is that you will likely see your energy bill decrease alongside this change—which makes helping the environment even better!

Why Heated Mattress Pads are Good for the Environment - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed

2 – Wireless Bed Warmer

Unlike with electric blankets, a Navien Mate bed warmer does not use meters of coiled electrical wire to warm you up. Only the water heating unit requires power. This also means that our heated blankets will not be consuming plenty of energy throughout the night, which can lead to an unnecessary waste of electricity.

Wireless heating pads also remove the risk of fire. Not only is this much safer for you and those in your household, but it will also help keep your local environment safe too. There is no way to predict how far a fire will spread and how much damage it might cause. The best way to prevent a fire like this is to remove the risk of an electrical malfunctioning altogether.

Why Heated Mattress Pads are Good for the Environment - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed

3 – Hydronic Radiant Heating

When most people think about heating pads, they think about electric radiant heating, which relies on an electric current running through wires.

Navien Mate blankets, on the other hand, use hydronic radiant heating systems. This heating system heats up and regulates the bed temperature by circulating heated water through tubes under the bed warmer.

Heat is distributed more evenly throughout the blanket, and our products also allow you to set the temperature to a specific degree. 

Why is hydronic radiant heating so much better? 

  • Removes the risk of EMF waves: Electric blankets emit radioactive electromagnetic field (EMF) waves that can negatively impact your health. In fact, EMF waves may even be carcinogenic. Choosing a heating pad that uses hydronic radiant heating immediately removes this health risk from your home.
  • No wires: As we mentioned before, this heating method requires no wires. Even when electric blankets work properly, the wires inside can still overheat, leading to burns on your skin.
  • Evenly-circulated heat: Electric blankets are usually only hot in certain spots, but can leave you both hot and cold at the same time. Our mattress pads distribute the warm water evenly  throughout the entire body of the pad so that you can sleep comfortably all night long.
Why Heated Mattress Pads are Good for the Environment - Navien Mate - Heated Mattress Pad | Thermal Blanket for Bed

4 – Dual Temperature Controls

An amazing benefit to owning one of our mattress warmers is their Dual Temperature Control (DTC) system. We know that not everyone is comfortable sleeping at the same temperature—some of us need the maximum heat while that will keep your partner sweating all night long.

That is why we designed the DTC system, which means your bed warmer is separated into two sections which both contain their own, entirely independent heating elements. Our DTC system allows each person to control how hot they want their side of the bed. 

This saves you from buying two separate electric blankets that each consume electricity


5 – Eco-Friendly Material 

Lastly, we ensure that we source eco-friendly materials for your bed warmers. Not only is this good for the environment, but it also is better and safer for your skin than toxic artificial materials.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and we want to help you achieve your most relaxing, luxurious sleep experience possible. By choosing premium, quality materials, you can rest easy knowing that your sleep will improve safely and comfortably.

Our bed warmers have been rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the FDA standard and have passed both the Primary Skin Irritation Test and the Cytotoxicity Assessment. We always choose 100% pure cotton, which is better for your skin and more environmentally-friendly than synthetic, plastic-based fabrics.

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