What is the warranty on Navien Mate?

We provide a 2-year limited warranty on defects or malfunctioning products. We will repair or exchange the product for free. The warranty does not cover consumer negligence or misuse of the product. Consult the Navien Mate User Manual for troubleshooting, if the issue still occurs, please contact customer service at info@navienmate.comor call 1‐877-689-1541. Please review our warranty policy HERE


What is the preferred temperature setting?

It’s up to you, but we recommend keeping temperature at or below 99°F. An overheat protection sensor will prevent the system from reaching dangerously high temperatures. Use high temperature mode if you want to set above 99°F.


How long does it take to warm up the mattress topper?

It usually takes about 5–10 minutes to warm the topper up to 99°F.


How can I customize the system to maximize personal comfort?

You can set the desired temperature in 1° increments from 77°F to 109°F. The Dual Temperature Control system has separate heating elements for the left and right sides of the bed warmer. (DTC is available to King and Queen size only)


Does Navien Mate emit an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) like an electric blanket?

The EMF from the heating unit is minimal compared to an electric blanket. You should place the heating unit under the bed or no closer than 12-inches away from where it’s operating.


Is the heating unit noisy?

No. In the first three minutes of operation you might hear a little noise, but it will be very quiet afterward to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.


How do keep my children from operating the system or tampering with the controls?

The child lock button prevents unauthorized use.


What other safety features does this system offer?

The connector guard prevents contact with hot components. The balancing sensor automatically turns the system off when the heating unit tips and the overflow prevention filter prevents water spilling when the heating unit is tipped. The heating unit will automatically shut down after 15 hours of continuous use. When room temperature drops below 41°F, the system will automatically activate to prevent water from freezing in the hoses.


How long is the hose from the heating unit to the mattress topper?

About 5 feet long.


Can I use tap water to fill the heating unit?

You can use drinking water or tap water but do not use distilled water. We recommend using purified water as much as possible.


How often should I refill the heating unit?

Refill time varies depending on the indoor environment (temperature and humidity) and customer use (temperature setting, hours of use, etc.). In general, if the system is set at 99°F and used for 8-10 hours per day, heating unit should be refilled after 15~20days. Water should be filled higher than medium level bars for continuous and safe heating. Do not overfill.


How do I remove water when I’m not using Navien Mate?

To remove water from the heating unit, separate the hose connection, remove the water inlet stopper, invert the heating unit and drain the water. Let the heating unit dry in a shady location and store it in the Navien Mate bag when dry.

To remove water from the mattress topper, plug in the water removal kit that comes with the system to one of the connectors; attach the other connector to a pump to extrude the water. Let the mattress topper dry in a shady location and store it in the Navien Mate bag when dry.


How do I clean the mattress topper?

The pad must be cleaned by hand. If there is a stain, lightly scrub it. Wipe dry with a soft cloth. Do not put the pad in a washing machine.


How often should I use sterilization mode?

The sterilization mode will briefly boil the water in the heating unit and in the hose to quickly kill germs. We recommend doing this once a month. Do not lie on the bed warmer pad during sterilization mode.


How do I care for the Navien Mate mattress topper cover?

Be sure to remove the cover from the pad before washing. It is machine washable, but since it is 100% cotton, don’t use high water temperatures or harsh detergents. Use cool water, gentle action and a detergent indicated for wool fabrics. The dryer should be set for low heat.


 Where can I get another owner’s manual?

Click here to download the Navien Mate User Manual.