Navien Mate EQM 582


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[SAFER THAN ELECTRIC] Water heating technology provides a more even heat without the risk of fire or overheating.

[DUAL TEMPERATURE CONTROLS] King and Queen sizes allow for separate heating zones, giving each their ideal sleep temperature.

[SOOTHING POWER OF WATER] Soothing hot water relieves stress, inflammation, and soreness all over. Our ultra-thin pad offers maximum comfort without pokey wires or loud machines.

[SAVE ENERGY] Our eco-friendly technology saves up to 50% compared to electric heating mattress pads by recirculating warm water.

[MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY] Use the remote or WiFi control from your phone. Features fast heating, sleep mode, child lock, and voice guidance.

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Did you know the ‘temperature’ that touches your body is important for a pleasant/cozy sleep?

Because you are unique, there is ‘your perfect sleep temperature’.

The Navien EQM 582

Welcome to the nice, warm bed of your dreams.

Introducing Perfect Climate Comfort Just For Your Bed

Enjoy comfort, control, and peace of mind every night with Navien Mate Cozy Sleep System

Child Safe Mode

A parental control feature allows you to set adjustment restrictions for your child.

Self Check System

Quickly and easily check the status of your system with a one button selection.

Dual Temperature Control

Personalize your temperature preference for each side of the bed. (available on Queen and King size models)

Fast Heating

Get your bed nice and warm within a matter of minutes.

Fast Heating

Get your bed nice and warm within a matter of minutes.


With a click of the button turn on sterilization mode to ensure your device is bacteria free.

Leaking sensor

The device is equipped with a sensor to ensure if any leaks do occur they will be detected right away.

Fire Prevention System

Our system replies upon water for the source of heat, which eliminates the fire hazards caused by electric blankets.

Heating Unit

Specialist of Temparature Control

Navien Mate applies Navien’s smart and sensitive temperature control technology to provide consistent and even warmth throughout your sleep.


The Navien Mate’s optional dual temperature control system lets you and your partner control the left and right sides of your bed, independently. (*Available for Queen)



Navien Mate uses low-noise motor to circulate water quickly and keep every corner of your bed equally toasty.

State-of-the-Art Safety Features

In designing a product, KD Navien researchers put the highest priority on “safety.”

Child Lock Mode

This lock mode prevents children from operating the product for safety.

High Temperature Notification

Prevents low-temperature burn that can occur when used for a prolonged period at temperature over 100ºF(38ºC).

No Electric Wire

Because Navien Mate uses heated water instead of electricity to heat your bed, you can rest easy and without worries.

ETL Certified

Acquired the certification of ETL, Navien Mate will give peace to your mind.

Balancing Sensor

Self-check System

Connector Guard

Temperature Sensor

Freeze Protection