Navien Mate EME 501


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[Smart Heating Protection] The detection line detects temperature changes in any part of the mat to prevent any overheating. The sensing line detects changes in the external environment and maintains the temperature you set. 

[Temperature Control Technology] Separate heating integrated with proven temperature control technology for the water heater and water heated mattress pads. You can personalize the temperature level to add comfort when you sleep. 

[Wi-Fi Remote Control Function] Conveniently operate the product even when you’re outside of your home through the Navien Mate App.

[User-friendly Design and Features] Has a jog dial feature, that’s ergonomically designed for easy temperature control and its Low Voltage Direct Current Design (DC 24V) is safe to use and free from harmful electromagnetic waves, with separate structure of regulator and adapter.

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The Navien Mate EME 501

Welcome to the nice, warm bed of your dreams.

Introducing Perfect Climate Comfort Just For Your Bed

Enjoy comfort, control, and peace of mind every night with Navien Mate Cozy Sleep System

Overheating Preventive System

Fire Prevention


Self Diagnosis

Safe Fuse


Self Heating Care

EMF Safe

8 Level Temperature Control


Dual Temperature Control

Sleep Mode

Far-infrared Radiation


Navien Mate DC Heated Mattress Pad

Advantages over other products

Low Voltage DC (Direct Current) Design

Eliminates worries about harmful electromagnetic waves.

*The amount of electromagnetic waves generated differ in accordance with the type of current.

Carbon Coating penetrates the warmth into your body

Existing electric mattress topper

Navien DC heated mattress pad

Healthy far-infrared rays emanate from the carbon coating, to deliver restful warmth deep inside the body.

*Far-infrared emission report (KFI-361)

Detects and responds to changes in temperature across the mattress pad

In contrast to the method of detecting temperature changes in a particular area of the mattress pad (using a temperature sensor/bimetal), the entire mattress pad is typically monitored by attaching a heat-sensitive wire to the heating wire itself.

Wi-Fi Remote Control Function

Using your mobile device, you can access your product settings even when you’re outside of your home through the Navien Mate app.

User-friendly Design and Features

Smart Heating Protection

Taking care of your warmth

Smart and Safe

It senses the temperature from the heat wires inside of the entire mattress pad, and controls it automatically, giving you and your family a safe and cozy sleep overnight.


The sensing line detects changes in the external environment and maintain the temperature you set.


The detection line detects temperature changes in any part of the mat to prevent overheating.

Application Features

Smart & Dedicated Application Features

From a pleasant Sleep mode, to Scheduling function that matches your sleep rhythm!

Conveniently control the DC heated mattress pad remotely via Wi-Fi, with the Navien Mate app.

The Sleep mode automatically adjusts the temperature of the mattress pad to match the person's average body heat during sleep.

The Scheduling function allows you to set the time of the day to turn On/Off your heating unit, according to your sleeping pattern.

Navien Mate Premium Mattress Pad

Velour is a microfiber fabric with longer fibers compared to velvet, adding a soft, warm touch and volume.

Pad Type

Experience better comfort with a higher dense form which also prevents slippage unlike suede fabric.

Design with Comfort and Style

Features a Dedicated layer design to prevent separation from the heating wire. Uses an elastic filling to improve fit.

Completed Various
Product-Related Tests

Radon Test Report


Hazardous Substances

(RoHS) Undetected Report

Infant Standard Safety Tests

Far Infrared Emission Report


Simple Design

Jog Dial Design

It allows you to easily turn left/right to adjust the temperature with the touch of a finger.

Temperature Control Technology

Ultra-Slim Mattress Cover

Separate heating integrated with proven temperature control technology for the water heater and water heated mattress pads.

You can personalize the temperature level to add comfort when you sleep.

Heat is transmitted more densely with the heating wire spaced 5cm apart.

Easily Washable w/o Compromising Durability

The mattress pad can be washed up to 5 times. (Based on Lukewarm water, delicate wash)

*Dryers can cause malfunction when in use.

*There may be shrinkage or deformation of the product when washed.

Washable Report


Please use a laundry net

Compact Fold For Easy Storage

Easy to Carry wherever you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no EMF on Comfort-Mate mattress but the EMF from the heating unit is minimal compared to an electric blanket. You will be safe from EMF if you place the heating unit under the bed or no closer than 12-inches away from where it’s operating.
  1. Prepare a bucket to receive water.
  2. Open the inlet cover of the heating unit and turn the stopper counterclockwise to open.
  3. Hold the inlet cover and tilt the heating unit forward to remove the water inside.
  4. To remove the remaining water from the heating unit outlet / return connection port, press the protrusion at the center of the connector to drain the remaining water.
It is recommended that the height of the heating unit and mat are leveled for smooth water circulation in the early stages of use and installation. In case of using it afterwards, if the height of the bed is less than 1m(3ft), you can place the boiler lower than the mat.
The slim type mats are very thin, less than 2mm in size, so you can feel the cushioning feeling of the mattress when you use it on the bed. When using the product on the floor, it is recommended to use a thick mat or blanket to prevent heat loss.
▸ For Comfort-Mate Slim model (EQM301-SSUS/QSUS/KSUS)

1. Press the Timer and Sterilization button at the same time for three seconds with the heating unit powered off (however the heating unit must be plugged into an electrical source). Check the left display window, and the window should show St and the right display window should show 1. Next, press the + button on the right-hand side to change the number to 2 and press Timer button once again.

2. Check the right display window. The display should show a country code. Afterwards press the + button to change the country code to US. Now your system is in Fahrenheit mode. If you ever want to change the setting back into Celsius you can. Select Celsius mode by pressing the – button to change the country code to CO.

3. After you have finished your settings, press the Timer button once again to leave the temperature mode process.

▸ For Comfort-Mate Cushion model (EQH-20WUS/40WUS)

Cushion model(EQH) is only available in Fahrenheit mode and does not support Celsius mode.
The first time you install the unit, it will take 15-20 minutes. After that, it usually takes 5-10 minutes for the temperature to reach 99°F.
By heating the heating unit and the water inside the mat at high temperature, it can sterilize bacteria and microorganisms, so you can rest assured without worrying about harmful bacteria. It is recommended to use sterilization mode once a month. Do not lie on the bed warmer pad during sterilization mode.

▸ For Comfort-Mate Cushion model (EQH-20WUS/40WUS)

Touch the MODE button on the control panel for 3 seconds and NO is displayed on the left of the status display window. Turn the dial to the right. When YES flashes, press the dial to complete the setting. Sterilization is performed for 25 minutes, and the remaining time is displayed in minutes / seconds in the status display window.

▸ For Comfort-Mate Slim model (EQM301-SSUS/QSUS/KSUS)

Touch and hold 2 seconds the sterilization button on the control panel of the heating unit while operate the Comfort-Mate, the sterilization lamp will light, and sterilization mode will be activated. The sterilization mode is 30 minutes, and the power is automatically turned off after shutdown.
Comfort-Mate recommends place heating unit on your foot-side. The upper side is the side without hose and the lower side is the side connected to hose and heating unit. When you see the mattress topper from the lower side, you can see the left and right side.

▸ For Comfort-Mate Cushion model (EQH-20WUS/40WUS)
Left and right sides are marked on the bracket with NAVIEN logo

Cushion Mat

▸ For Comfort-Mate Slim model (EQM301-SSUS/QSUS/KSUS)
The label attached to hose indicates left and right side.

Slim Mat
Comfort-Mate is a bed warming mattress topper that provides warmth for comfort. Dual temperature control is possible by individually adjusting the left and right temperature in 1°F increments.

The separate heating function is optimized for use at temperatures (shown below) recommended. The recommended water temperature for each mat type is 95°F (35°C) above the cushion mat and 91°F (33°C) above the slim mat.

If you set the temperature to be lower than the recommended water temperature, when using separate heating, the mat temperature may be affected by your body temperature (98°F/37°C).

▸ For Comfort-Mate Cushion model (EQH-20WUS/40WUS)

1. Press the power button to activate the dual heating mode and turn the dial to change the left / right temperature simultaneously.
2. After touching the left (L) button and the voice guidance speaks “Left Heating”, turn the dial to set the desired heating temperature and press the dial to complete the setting.
3. Touch the R button on the right side and when the voice guidance speaks “Right side heating”, turn the dial to set the desired heating temperature and press the dial to complete the setting.
4. If L or R button is hold for 2 seconds, the heating in the selected side will end after voice guidance.

▸ For Comfort-Mate Slim model (EQM301-SSUS/QSUS/KSUS)

1. Touch the – / + buttons on the left / right screen display window to set the left / right temperature of the mat.
2. When setting the temperature higher than 99°F, touch + button once more after setting 99°F and ‘UP’ will be displayed on the screen. When the ‘UP’ display is blinking, touch + button again, and you can set high temperature setting.
3. To turn off, touch the – button once more at 77°F and the display will show OFF and the heating will be terminated.

Heated Mattress Pad

The Navien Mate EME 501


Our Customers Say It Best

Special knowledge or tools are not required to install and operate your Navien Mate. The intuitive interface of the heating unit comes naturally and is easy to understand.